Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flowers Farm Café in Godstone, Surrey

This is a caff I've reported about before, but have never experienced. Today, my pal Andy and I ventured down there on the bikes and found an excellent café offering unlimited amounts of tea (once you've purchased a cup they give you refills for nothing) and a decent almond croissant. There was plenty more to choose from; all the usual caff fayre, such as scrambled egg on toast, burgers and so on plus a range of decent cakes and all within the farm shop environment.
Inside the Flowers Farm Café near Godstone, Surrey. Note the woodburning
stove in the corner. Imagine that on a cold, winter afternoon!

I liked the woodburning stove in the corner, the views outside the window and the general ambience. There were plenty of magazines to read (even farming trade titles!) and, well, TeaShopandCaff recommends this place without reservation. Think about it: a farm shop, so you can go there and get lots of decent farm produce – a million times better than a supermarket – and then enjoy a decent cuppa and a bun or whatever afterwards.

Flowers Farm Shop is on the A25 near Godstone.