Thursday, 22 September 2016

EAT, Finsbury Pavement, London, UK

Sometimes, very rarely, good things happen. In amongst all the rubbish and attitude you get on the streets and anywhere, there's something decent. For me it just happened. That's often the way in life. Things happen. Good things happen when you least expect it and for me it was because I found myself with a choice.

I could have gone into the Starbucks and had the usual huge cup of tea and an almond croissant, but no, I'd already been to this particular outlet so I opted instead for the EAT outlet next door. It was easily the best decision I'd made in a long time. Alright, I still opted for the large tea and an almond croissant, but this place had something that the Starbucks was clearly lacking.

Eat on Finsbury Pavement, London, near Moorgate
First the service was top notch, there wasn't a big queue, but there was a sense of efficiency, which I like; I knew I was going to get served and quick and that the end result would be good, and it was.

Card in machine, 'remove card', take large tea and almond croissant to a table. And guess what? Decent power points meant I could charge my phone and free WiFi meant I could write this. Yes, I'm writing a review on EAT while in the establishment and I'm well-positioned to give you a good run down on what's on offer.

But let's first look around. There's a mix of wooden floors (it might be laminate, it might be linoleum, it might be real wood, but I'm not going to ask as I reckon they wouldn't know). There are round tables, square tables, high tables by the wall, a large table near the front, on which I can be found typing this review while sipping my large tea. There are angle poise lamps, bright yellow, meaning that this place is all set up for people to just come in, grab a tea or a coffee and a snack and do a bit of work if the fancy takes them. After my meeting I might come back here and write some more.

There's music playing and I'm so glad I found this place, peppered as it is with power points. I'm even charging my phone as I pen this review. There's a man opposite me with a Samsung lap top and a sweat shirt with the word 'animal' printed on the front.

Behind the counter there's a couple of people, busy serving people. Over their heads is a light box display, like you get in fast food outlets, offering the breakfast menu. You can get porridge here in small and regular sizes, classic jumbo oats for £1.49 (small) or £1.99 (Big); there's quinoa and buckwheat with banana, honey and seeds for £2.29 (small) and £2.69 (big) and there are extra toppings available too.

Then there's an Egg Pot (£3.89) which consists of egg, avocado and beans with feta (if you're vegetarian) or ham hock if you're not.

Sourdough toast is on offer ranging from just 99p for sourdough toast with butter, then avocado sourdough for £3.49 and the same with feta or the ham hock for £3.99. Great.
Inside Eat – what a great place...

There are rolls ranging from £2.95 for egg, avocado and chipotle ketchup, British back baco for £2.95, the same bacon with a poached egg for £3.50 and a roll containing the whole lot for £4.50.

Chilled and hot drinks are offered (a small tea is £1.55) and I think a large is £1.65 (I just got up and checked). Then there's a cold display unit offering packaged stuff like fruit juices, sandwiches and salads and, well, this is a class act I can tell. I'll definitely be coming back here and that's a fact.

EAT is a chain operation, but sometimes it's good to recognise excellence when you experience it, and that's what happened this morning when I bowled into the Finsbury Pavement outlet in London.

Top marks.