Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Caffé Della Galleria, Firenze, italy

Inside Caffé Della Galleria
Having arrived by train from Milano, I wandered alone around Florence waiting for my family to arrive and I found myself considering something to eat. Nothing major, just a snack item and a glass of red wine. I really wanted somewhere to chill other than the hotel room, so I headed out into the twilight and stumbled across
Caffé Della Galleria.

There's a huge gallery across the road, but also paintings in the caff, so the name probably relates to the former but is somehow bolstered by the latter.

There's outdoor seating and inside wooden floors and plain, grey tables. In a nutshell, it's a caff that's licensed offering tea, coffee, beers, wines and cocktails along with panini breads.

I ordered a ham and mozzarella panini with a glass of Chianti costing 11 Euros in total. Pasta dishes were also available as well as salads and desserts including pannacota and tiramisu (both 5 Euros). An espresso was 3 Euros, cappuccino 4 Euros and ice cream ranging from 6 to 8 Euros.

There's also a range of Dishes of the Day including Tuscan soups (pappa al pomodoro); Ribollita (bread with vegetables); and pasta al ragu.

It was dark by the time I left and wandered back to the hotel.