Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sun, sea and the Lobster Pot in Felpham...what a great combination!

I haven't visited the old Lobster Pot for a while and I think the last time I was there I moaned about having to wait one hour for a sausage sarnie. Well, fair enough, but I'm never one to bear a grudge, certainly where my all-time favourite caff is concerned. And even if the larger-than-life lady is no longer around, the Lobster Pot abides, which is good news for Felpham and good news for people like me who remember the place from their childhood days – when it was called Perdido's – and who simply love the place.
This is an old photograph and I need to take a new one.

I've worked as a journalist for some time and I've spent a great deal of time writing about hotels, pubs and restaurants and once, it has to be said, I took somebody fairly senior in the foodservice industry to the Lobster Pot for lunch. Normally we'd have gone to some swanky joint with tablecloths and polished wine glasses, but instead we basked in the glory of the best caff on the South Coast. I'm going back to the days of the larger-than-life lady, of course, but I'd take business associates to the Lobster Pot today too, especially now it's open in the evenings, although I live too far away to make it practical without a hotel stay being involved.

So, anyway, here we are, talking about the Lobster Pot again and you're probably wondering why. Well, it's because I've been there again, last Sunday to be precise, on a scorching hot day. It was good, there was no long wait for food, we ordered the soup of the day, a bowl of chips and a chicken and chorizo sausage sandwich plus tea and milkshakes and the bill hovered around £21 – not bad at all!

The place was crowded with loads of people sitting outside taking in the sun, the tide was going down, revealing the wet sand and rockpools and, all-in-all it was worth another mention.

I'm no longer a foodservice journalist, but that won't stop me bringing business associates to the old Pot if the situation demands it.

To conclude, the Lobster Pot rocks. We returned for ice cream and I enjoyed another mug of tea too.