Monday, 26 July 2010

Compass at Coventry – employees not happy

Following on from news reported last year in the Coventry Telegraph and posted on this blog, outlining how Compass, a contract caterer, had taken over the foodservice operation at Coventry University, this blog has received an anonymous post claiming that employees of what was Coventry University Hospitality Services are less than happy with the situation.

As the poster pointed out, the employees of Coventry University Hospitality Services are having their contracts TUPE'd over to Compass and have no choice in the matter. In some cases, members of staff who have given between 10 and 30 years service, feel that they have been sold off to Compass and have been given 'sparse communication about their job situation'. Many are worried about their pensions and believe that the University has treated its employees disgracefully.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Yahoo'sTop Ten breakfast guide

Yahoo has listed a number of places where people can enjoy a decent breakfast. Click here for more details.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Poor service at the Lobster Pot

The Lobster Pot in Felpham, West Sussex.
Teashop and Caff had an email from a Lobster Pot customer complaining about the service at the new-style Lobster Pot, which is sad to hear as, when the 'larger than life lady' was in charge, I don't think there was ever any room for complaint. Still, there you have it.

Here's what happened:-

"Yesterday we went to the Lobster Pot to have breakfast – lovely weather, wonderful location, thought we would start the day off well!
"Walked in, no customers inside, waitress behind the counter on the 'phone.  Looked at the menu, decided what to have, went to the counter.  Assistant still on the 'phone (private call).

"We waited, and waited. It seemed ages, really without exaggeration it must have been five minutes, but although throughout this time the assistant could clearly see us she did not make any attempt to end the call.
"In the end we left, went elsewhere for breakfast. Our food was probably not as good as we would have had with you, and the view was certainly inferior, but the service was much much better."
The complainant said that she planned to give the Lobster Pot one more try but if the service hasn't improved, she'll take her custom elsewhere.

Sad news, as Teashop and Caff loves the Lobster Pot. Our message to the Lobster Pot? "Sort it out!"