Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Coventry University gets a Compass Costa Coffee

According to a news report in the Coventry Telegraph, Compass Group UK & Ireland have been taken on by the University of Coventry as its first out-sourced food and drink contract.

The contract caterer, which runs the Ritazza coffee shop brand internationally as well as many other different foodservice concepts, will be operating a Costa Coffee unit inside the university, according to the newspaper.

The contract between Compass and the university will run for seven years. It will be one of the largest Costa Coffee cafés run by Compass in the UK and should generate around £1 million revenue annually.


  1. How do you know this?

  2. I probably received a Google Alert on it.

  3. The employees of Coventry University Hospitality Services are having their contract's TUPE'ed over to Compass..... No one is happy about this but un-fortunately don't have any choice. Members of staff who have given 10, 20 - 30 years service to Coventry University feel they are being sold off to Compass - they have been given sparse communication about their job situation, many are worried about pension details etc.... the way Coventry University has treated it's employees is disgraceful!!!!