Sunday, 29 June 2014

Café Sinn & Sinnlichkeit, Augsburger Strasse, Berlin.

I decided to wander around the back of my hotel and found myself on Augsburger Strasse, a quiet street where I found this rather pleasant café with a friendly owner who was baking croissants when I arrived. The smell was fantastic so I ordered one and he brought it to my table outside along with a black tea – or rather a cup of hot water and a sachet containing a teabag, which is the way they tend to do things in Europe. No, it's not cricket, but when in Rome and all that. Well, alright, Berlin.

Café Sinn & Sinnlichkeit, Augsburger Strasse, Berlin – great croissants!
I took the teabag out of the sachet and placed it in the hot water and left it to brew. Then, a few minutes later I put the teabag on the small plate provided and enjoyed my tea. A hot croissant arrived on a quirkily designed white plate. It was hot so I left it a few minutes.

Tea and a croissant – perfect, and only 3 Euros.
A group of five men arrived and also decided to sit outside. There was seating inside, but it was warm so they, like me, chose to sit outside in the bright sunshine.

The blackboards carried menu information, but it was all in German, but this is a German café – and a very pleasant one, across the street from the Alsterhof Hotel.

I could see that the café offered a range of teas and coffees and there was a phrase, 'Das Leben ist zu kurz...fur schlecten Kaffee.' I assume this meant something like a wide selection of coffees were available.

The bill was a cool 3 Euros – very good value considering the quality of the croissant. Think how much that would have cost in any UK café – a bloody fortune! Let's think now: a cup of tea would have set me back £1.80 and the bakery item, I'd say about £2.10, that's £3.90. Probably double the price. And Berlin's so much nicer than London.

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