Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Nonna Rosa's, Smitham, Surrey

A view looking out from inside Nonna Rosa's in Smitham, Surrey. Note my bike resting against the window outside.

Smitham is one of those places that doesn't really exist, a bit like Merton. Having said that, Smitham has something that Merton doesn't: a train station; and Nonna Rosa's sits virtually under the railway line on the opposite side of the road to the station entrance.

It's definitely a 'caff' but there's a distinct and, of course, obvious Italian flavour to the place. In short, it's got an Italian name and it's run by Italians. Unless they're imitating Italians, but that would be foolish in the extreme.

I can't say I'd noticed it before. I was cycling past on a Saturday morning and decided to stop by for a cup of tea and a Danish pastry. Not bad for under three quid, it was £2.65. The tea came in a teapot with a nice white cup and saucer and the pastry was just that, a pastry.

A nice vibe to this place and let's not forget that Smitham has a couple of other caffs worthy of note, especially DD's Café, which I enjoyed recently but didn't write it up for some inexplicable reason. DD's was brilliant and will be featured here shortly. The last time I was there the guy that ran the place let me bring my bike into the caff so that I didn't have to leave it outside without a padlock. Top man!

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